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Shared on December 24, 2019 at 8:44 am

Spectrum network speed testing tool

As its name suggests, LAN Speed ​​Test is a tool to test LAN speed on a computer. This is a simple but powerful tool to check the file transfer speed, hard drive, USB Drive and LAN (Local Area Network - wired and wireless).

First, choose a folder to check. This directory may be on an internal drive or a USB drive to test drive speed; or shared folder online to check network of Spectrum speed test. Then Speed ​​Test Fast will create a file in memory and then transfer it in two ways (not affected by the file cache) while monitoring the time and calculating the speed for you.

For users with IT knowledge and experience, you can test LAN Speed ​​Test Server instead of shared folders to remove slower hard drives from the process when checking from computer RAM to computer RAM. other. Overall, this is a simple and easy to use network speed testing tool, similar to Total Network Inventory.

After installing LAN Speed ​​Test v4, you will own the tool in Lite mode. This is a multifunctional version with no time limit but has disabled some advanced features compared to the LAN Speed ​​Test Full version.

Check your local network speed by testing to / from the network share folder.
Check the speed of the internal drive (USB Drive, hard drive ...).
Compatible with LST Server (v1.5 and above), resulting in real network performance without hard drive limitation. Even test the speed of WAN (Internet) with LST Server.
Fast check in speed, usually less than 1 minute.
Portable software, no installation required.
Can be run from an application drive, USB, Network Share ...
Compatible with Windows 7 and above, Windows Server 2008 and above.
LAN Speed ​​Test and LAN Speed ​​Test Lite versions have the same download link.
The package is 9GB in size and up to 1000 packets.
Maximum error of 1MB.
Results can be viewed in medium, largest or smallest form.
The progress bar and the Cancel button allow users to cancel the test process at any time.
You can choose Network Interface Card for computers with many NICs.
Support to view the results of each package in the form of graphs or details.
See network speed results in Gbps, Mbps, Kbps, GBps, MBps or KBps units.
Send results via Email manually, automatically or only when the network speed is below the specified level.
Save the test results as a .csv file with the location of the selected file. All entries are SQL compatible, making it easy to enter SQL Server, MySql, etc.
Option to save the average, largest and smallest results automatically.
View / edit the log built into the program.
Scan the network (see other devices on the same network, save detailed notes ...).
Run multiple automated test sessions, any number of tests from 1 second to 24 hours.
Open and save all options, results to .csv file.
Command line mode: all test options are from the command line
Command Line Builder: automatically build the necessary command line options based on current settings.
Improved user interface.


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